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Why Us

Why Choose CLC Roofing Austin?

Easy Insurance Claim Process
We are highly adept at determining your roofing needs accurately, and we have enjoyed a high rate of success when negotiating with insurance carriers for a full roof replacement due to storm damage.

When the hail and high winds have beaten up your roof, CLC Roofing Austin will ensure that your insurance company covers everything they’re supposed to.

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Roof Repairs and Interior Damage Repairs
Sometimes a simple roof repair is all you need when your roof has a leak. We will accurately assist you in determining if you need a full replacement or just a specific area is in need repairs.

Keep in mind, our services are not limited to just the roof. CLC Roofing, Inc. also will helps you clean up the mess on the inside with drywall repairs, texture, and repainting so that you’re good as new after we’ve finished repairing you leaky roof.

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We provide roof replacements and upgrades that can save you money!

When its time to replace your roof CLC Roofing can provide you with the best and most up to date options in high quality roofing materials that not only look good but also perform great! When faced with having to replace your roof isn’t it a great time to seriously consider new technologies in roofing materials that can help you save money on your energy bills and insurance rates?

Be sure to ask us about our energy efficient options and impact resistant materials.

Commercial and Residential roofing services
The roofing specialists at CLC Roofing of Austin are experienced with all sorts of commercial and residential roofing projects.

From schools, churches, residential homes and apartments to corporate offices and retail centers CLC Roofing is here to do a great job and exceed your expectations. We work with 20, 30, 40, and 50 year composition shingles, flat roofs, single ply systems, modified bitumen, built-up tar and gravel, and even standing seam metal roofs.

When you work with CLC Roofing you are working with some of the dedicated professionals in the roofing industry in Austin.

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Whether you are in need of a new roof construction, minor roof repairs or seamless gutters and more, CLC Roofing of Austin will give you a free estimate for any services needed.